Gender Action Plan 2018-2021

Advancing gender equality and the rights of women and girls is essential to realizing the rights of all children

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A roadmap for promoting gender equality

Gender equality means that women and men and girls and boys all enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections.

Aligned with UNICEF’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021, the Gender Action Plan (GAP) is our roadmap for promoting gender equality in everything we do, as well as in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We embed gender results for girls, boys and women across all of UNICEF’s programmes: including health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, education, water, sanitation, and hygiene, child protection and social policy.

Gender Results in Programmes

Gender results

We prioritize the unique needs of adolescent girls by focusing on five interlinked areas to tackle some of the most pressing challenges girls face.

  1. Ending child marriage and protecting girls from multiple risks that limit life opportunities.
  2. Advancing girls’ secondary education with a focus on STEM skills.
  3. Promoting gender-responsive adolescent health, including nutrition, pregnancy prevention and care, and HIV and HPV prevention.
  4. Supporting menstrual health and hygiene.
  5. Preventing and responding to gender-based violence, particularly in humanitarian settings.

Targeted, interlinked investments in these areas can transform vulnerability into opportunities, multiplying the positive effects for girls, their families, and the next generation.


We are also investing in doing gender better.

365体育备用网站Our programming principles ensure we deliver results that are at-scale, innovative, evidence-based, expert-led and well-resourced. 

We support governments and partners to undertake robust gender analysis so we can identify gender-related barriers to positive childhood outcomes and develop appropriate and fitting solutions.

Since data and evidence are the backbone of good programming, we not only disaggregate data by sex, but also promote increasingly sophisticated measurement of gender inequality.

Through our GenderPro training programme, we are building a cadre of gender experts at UNICEF and other organizations who are recognized for with robust skills in gender programming and measurement.

365体育备用网站And, we are increasing diversity and gender parity among our staff, including hiring more women in senior roles. Through strong leadership, monitoring and oversight, we hold ourselves accountable to promote gender equality throughout all of UNICEF’s work.

Gender responsive organization

Gender Action Plan 2018-2021

The Gender Action Plan (GAP) 2018-2021 is UNICEF’s roadmap for promoting gender equality throughout its work, in alignment with the organization’s Strategic Plan (2018-2021) and in support of its contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Gender equality: Global annual results report 2018

This report summarizes how UNICEF and its partners contributed to gender equality in 2018, and reviews the impact of these accomplishments on children and the communities where they live.


Realizing potential: Evaluation of UNICEF's Gender Actions Plans, December 2019

This report evaluates the quality, implementation and results of UNICEF’s two successive Gender Action Plans (GAPs) during the period 2014–2019.